Headshot of Dean Rolando Flores

Rolando A. Flores


College of Agricultural,
Consumer & Environment Sciences

Headshot of Donald Conner Mugshot of Jay Lillywhite Headshot of Jon Boren

Donald Conner

Associate Dean
& Director
of Academic Programs

Provides leadership and administrative oversight for the College's eight academic departments, the NMSU rodeo team, and the New Mexico Agricultural Education and FFA Association State office.

Oversees the College's student ambassador program, student mentor program and student clubs and organizations.

Administers more than $500,000 of scholarships annually.

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Jay M. Lillywhite

Interim Associate Dean
& Director
of Research

Leadership and administrative oversight for the Agricultural Experiment Station (including the Agricultural Science Centers), development of collaborative interdisciplinary research teams, support of faculty development and pursuit of extramural funding, research program planning and direction, strategic planning, fiscal and personnel management, allocation of resources, regulatory compliance, accountability to stakeholders, and advocacy for New Mexico agriculture, food and natural resources.

Primary interactions are with faculty, Ag Science Center superintendents, stakeholders and industry partners.

Lillywhite Curriculum Vitae


Jon Boren

Associate Dean
& Director
of the Cooperative Extension Service

Roles and responsibilities include administrative management and overall program leadership of the Cooperative Extension Service, including direct oversight of our 9 Extension departments, procurement of funds including financial, human, and in-kind resources to enhance the overall organization, personnel management and development, and providing leadership, vision, and coordination for the development and implementation of effective Extension programs, and developing internal and external collaborations. 

Primary interactions are with department heads, faculty, clientele and public officials. 

Boren Curriculum Vitae